Vehicle Wrap Specialists

Boost your Marketing Reach

Elevating your brand’s visibility and name recognition requires strategic marketing efforts. While online ads and billboards are options, they pale in comparison to the effectiveness of a vibrant, full-color vehicle wrap. A professionally wrapped vehicle, showcasing your brand’s name and logo, acts as a continuous marketing tool, broadcasting your message everywhere it goes.

What we Offer

Protective Paint Film

A virtually invisible, clear protective layer, often referred to as paint protection film or clear bra, can be expertly applied to your vehicle by a certified PPF installer. This seamless application ensures it remains undetectable while offering a shield against environmental damages such as UV rays, oxidation, scratches, rock chips, and more. Additionally, the film has self-healing properties, automatically repairing scratches under sunlight.

Custom Vehicle Wraps

Transform your vehicle with a custom wrap from Banks Wraps & Signs. Our showroom boasts an array of color options, but the real magic happens with our limitless custom color and graphic possibilities. Visit us to discover how you can personalize your vehicle today!!

Window Tinting

Enhance your vehicle’s privacy, interior protection, and curb appeal with our Window Tint services. Beyond safeguarding your vehicle’s interior from the sun’s rays, window tinting adds a sleek, privacy-enhancing appearance with various shades ranging from 5% to 50%. Select the tint level that suits your preference and enjoy the combined benefits of protection and style.

Choose between a full and partial wraps


A full wrap offers complete protection for your vehicle, maintaining your fleet’s value while promoting your brand. More efficient and cost-effective than repainting, wraps are easily changeable for your next marketing push.


Opting for a partial wrap means covering 25%-75% of your vehicle, incorporating spot graphics and decals in key areas. Choose from options like Window Graphics or Vinyl Cut Lettering for significant impact at a reduced cost.

Process of Vinyl Wrapping

Vehicle Prep and Deep Clean

Your journey starts with an intensive cleaning of your pre-washed vehicle at our facility. Our technicians meticulously remove any lingering residues to ensure a pristine surface, which is crucial for optimal vinyl adhesion.

Final Pre-Wrap Inspection

Before the wrap begins, we conduct thorough inspections for unnoticed damage, imperfections, or missing components. We’ll notify you of any potential issues that might affect the wrap’s finish, offering our detailing services for corrections.

Precision Vinyl Application

Our skilled team, typically comprising two experts, handles the vinyl application, sometimes calling on additional members for larger sections. Our ample staffing ensures a swift, precise application, avoiding common pitfalls of smaller teams.

Wrap Completion

After wrapping, we reassemble any removed parts and let the vehicle sit in our climate-controlled environment to secure the vinyl’s bond. Quality checks ensure the wrap meets our high standards before it’s returned to you.

Vehicle Wraps

Transform your car into a mobile advertisement or showcase a new color with Banks Wraps & Signs. Instead of repainting, choose from our extensive selection of vinyl colors, textures, and finishes. Our collection includes glossy, matte, metallic, color-shifting, and carbon fiber vinyl films.

Trailer Wraps

Banks Wraps & Signs specializes in custom wraps for a variety of trailers for any organization. Whether it’s semi-trailers, food trucks, recreational, toy haulers, fleet, mobile service, oil field trailers, or commercial trailers, we’ve got your wrap needs covered.

Fleet Wraps

Let Banks Wraps & Signs enhance your commercial fleet with durable, high-impact graphics. Our expertise extends to wrapping buses, vans, trailers, and box trucks. We’re here to address any queries you might have.

Wall Wraps

Consider wall murals for striking artistic advertisements. Perfect for making a bold statement inside or outside your business premises, our wall wraps are crafted from materials suited for brick and textured surfaces, utilizing top-notch digital print technology for vibrant, enduring murals.

Boat wraps

Our wrapping service extends beyond land vehicles to include boats. Aware of the harsh marine conditions, we’re dedicated to producing boat graphics that stand out spectacularly on water.

Custom Graphics & Commercial Advertising

Looking to elevate your business or brand visibility? Banks Wraps & Signs specializes in crafting Tailored Graphics and Promotional Vehicle Wraps that broadcast your message loud and clear. Whether you’re aiming for simple brand details or eye-catching high-resolution imagery, we ensure your business presents professionally, capturing the attention of prospective clients.


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