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We’re thrilled to present to you our showcase of impressive vehicle wraps and signage that we’ve crafted for our clients. This collection highlights an array of projects, each with distinctive and attention-grabbing wraps guaranteed to catch the eye. Included are both our interior and exterior signs we’ve completed. Our skilled designers are on hand to collaborate with you, developing a personalized design that flawlessly enhances your company’s vehicle or banner, in turn mirroring your unique flair.

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A local mechanic shop out of Clarks, Nebraska. Client requested a logo in a vintage style, red and cream, with an oil tower, wrench, and tire. Within a timeframe of two weeks, our team presented the client several designs before they excitedly settled on the logo shown above.


This version of the logo for a competitive barbeque team was beaten out by its alternate version in the final selection. We still believe it belongs in the hall of fame as a rockin’ example of the explosive work we are capable of here at Banks Wraps.


Central plumbing needed a modern, striking logo to be proudly displayed on their new fleet of work vehicles. We created a stylized, memorable identity mark that will stand out in all the right ways.


This small business based out of St. Edward, NE needed a fresh update. Luckily, we were able to combine construction elements with a retro font to pull this business into a modern new brand identity.

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