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Three key attributes of a Commercial wrap

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Have you ever wondered what makes a good wrap stand out above the rest? Well wonder no longer! Here are the three key attributes we use at Banks Wraps

to create a successful commercial wrap design.

1. A Good Wrap is Legible Legibility is a key component of a good wrap. To have a legible design, stay away from confusing layouts that are not consistent with your branding. Make sure to have easy-to-read fonts and wording that are legible from a far distance. Limit any wording on your wrap to website, tagline, and where to contact you. Too much text can confuse the viewer, and it's hard to remember information as you pass a wrapped vehicle on a highway.

2. A Good Wrap Represents your Brand When designing your wrap, incorporate your logo in a bold location. Clients need to be able to identify your brand immediately when they see your vehicle. You should also incorporate the color associated with your branding to help with brand recognition. If you have a blue branding, don't design a pink car wrap.

Design your logo to be easily applicable to your work vehicle. This will make application and layout processes much easier and your wrap will flat-out look better. Along with your logo, you can add a catchphrase or slogan. These elements can both identify your business and tell customers what values your business holds.

3. A Good Wrap is Simplified to the Basics A Wrap should possess visual components that are legible and effective. The basic design should have your logo, your brand's color scheme, and your company’s phone number and website. Never rely on pictures, outlines, shadows, and special effects as key aspects of your wrap because they will make your design illegible. If the viewer needs to work too hard to figure out the primary brand messaging, it’s an opportunity lost.

Well there you have it! Those are the attributes that we use here at Banks Wraps and Signs.

Wrapping your work vehicle has been proven to be the most cost-effective marketing investment. Make sure to leave your vehicle with experts in brand design; experts like us here at Banks Wraps.

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