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Key Benefits of a Partial Wrap

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

There’s no denying that wrapping your business vehicle makes your company stand out miles above the rest, but what type of wrap is right for you? This week, we’ll be focusing on the benefits of a partial wrap for your commercial vehicle.

Wraps are known to be super effective when it comes to brand recognition and expanding your brand’s audience, but they’re also known to be expensive. Thankfully, not every wrap job has to break the bank. Partial wraps are wraps that only cover a partial area of a vehicle, leaving the original color of the vehicle exposed in most areas. Partial wraps can be any wrap that isn’t covering your entire vehicle, meaning anything from a hood wrap to a tailgate wrap to three-quarters wrap to the mirrors being wrapped. This means that while you’re not getting as much real estate for advertising, you’re saving money on materials by not using up as much vinyl as a full wrap.

Paying for a wrap is a lot different than paying for other types of advertising. While commercials are bought by the minute, which channel they’re displayed on, and how often it runs, wraps are billed as a one-time payment. Even billboards, being many feet tall and wide, cannot compete with the cost-per-impression of a simple car wrap. Billboards can be averaged out at about $5.21 per thousand impressions, while partial wraps can be as low as $0.48 per impression.

Wrapping your vehicle is the most cost-effective form of advertising. We offer two check-ups throughout the first year of the vehicle wrap as part of our warranty. The purpose of these checkups is to help you protect your investment by keeping an eye on poorly adhered areas, vinyl failure, etc.. This way your mobile billboard will continue to look great for years to come.

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