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Is window tint right for you?

Window tint tends to be viewed as an accessory for fancy cars and hot rods, but it’s so much more. Today, we’ll talk about how window tint is a useful accessory for any vehicle, whether you bought it for $100,000 or $1000.

Window tint is a great way to keep your vehicle cool. Since a large percentage of heat transferred into a vehicle from sunlight can be blocked by the tint, your car will be cooler in the blistering heat of the summer.

Window tint not only blocks visible light, but invisible light as well. While the sun’s rays can gradually wear on your skin after years of driving, window tint can reduce the amount of ultraviolet rays that reach your skin. Not only will your skin thank you, but your car’s interior will too. Ultraviolet light is responsible for the hardening and cracking of interior plastics, which can cause unnecessary damage and expensive repairs.

Window tint is also practical to reduce glare while driving. Getting your front windows tinted can reduce the reflected light from the surrounding traffic, saving you from potential hazards.

Privacy is important. That’s why window tint is a great option for keeping your private life, private. In the state of Nebraska, window tint can be as dark as 20% in the rear windows, ensuring that your backseat cargo is safe from prying eyes.

Lastly, window tint flat-out looks cool, and if you find that your car is missing something, it might just be a cool tint job. You can have the wheels, the flares, the decals, but if you don’t have the tint, your hot-rod is more… lukewarm.

Well, there you have it! There’s why you should consider getting window tint. Here at Banks Wraps, we use only the best materials, outlasting the competitor at similar prices!

Give us a call today, and find out what you’re missing without window tint.

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