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Eight Reasons Why PPF is Worth Every Penny

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Paint protection film is an undiscovered gold mine for car owners of any type. Whether you’re a new car owner who doesn’t know where to start, or a car-collecting guru with years of experience, here are the top eight reasons why paint protection film is a great investment.

  1. It can recover again and again The first thing you have to understand when it comes to PPF is that not all brands are created equal. Here at Banks Wraps, we use only the best of the best: Xpel© Paint Protection. Why? Because Xpel PPF is self healing. Not only will our film take hits from rocks, bugs, and small bumps, but it can also handle and even repair itself from encounters with smaller obstacles like sand and dirt.

  2. Beauty AND Function For those interested in aesthetics, our film can also be applied as a cosmetic treatment. A gloss coating of PPF can transform a car into a glossy marvel. It can also be custom-ordered in matte to enrich your vehicle with a luxurious satin finish.

  3. Bra? Or full body? We get it. Film is expensive. Thankfully, clear PPF can be applied in such a way as to leave minimal evidence it’s even installed. Not ready to commit to a full vehicle? That’s fine, because a bra will take care of the commonly damaged parts of your vehicle to cover your

  4. It’s way better than a canvas bra. Black canvas bras are ugly and extremely noticeable. They’re also prone to weathering, chipping, flaking, and tears. On the other hand, PPF doesn’t have the same issues. PPF is nearly invisible, doesn’t flake or yellow, and is much easier on the car.

  5. Superior to ceramic coating Ceramic coating is a great tool, and can even be used on top of regular PPF, but it’s not great at defending from scratches. Clear PPF by Xpel won’t give your car that classic ceramic coating hydrophobic layer, but it will protect much better against day-to-day wear than ceramic coating ever could dream of.

  6. Much better protection than a vinyl wrap PPF even outperforms classic vinyl coating when it comes to protection. Paint protection film offers a solid 8-12 mils of layered, stretchy defense. Vinyl wrapping a vehicle only provides a measly 4 mils, which protects your car to a much smaller extent.

  7. Investment lasts 5-10 years Covering your vehicle with PPF is probably much cheaper than you think. For a full vehicle coverage that lasts ten years, the annual cost is only $600. That’s way less than most Americans pay for car insurance! It’s comparable to a phone bill. For a bra-only wrap, you could estimate annual costs of only $40 if the film is left for ten years. Less than a cup of coffee every month!

  8. Keep old things looking new For those of us who like to show our most treasured vehicles in car shows and competitions, paint protection film could be your best friend. Storing your car away for a while? Let the ppf protect your ride. Trailering the show-stopping vehicle to an event? Let the film absorb debris on the way! Leaving your car to be displayed in the summer heat? Our paint protection film can take the rays and still won’t yellow or fade.

In conclusion, paint protection film can be one of the most useful tools in a driver’s toolbox. When it comes to PPF, do your research, choose what’s right for you, and give us a call when you’re ready. We’d love to protect your investment!

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